The room is 7x7x4 meters in the original scene. The wall panels are 1×0.5 meters large. This means you can lower the ceiling by 0.5 meters to match the side walls. You can move the walls sideways by 1 meter to make the room smaller.

The included scene is 7x7x4 meters and can accommodate several large machines.

If the height is not enough you can duplicate the 4 walls and put 4 meters up. This gives the room a height of 8 meters.

Product Information

The product has been designed to use only a few polygons and therefore render faster. Most of the details come from the textures alone. In the following list you can see the number of polygons.

Barrel: 1540
Floor & Ceiling: 4
Grid: 4592
Pallet: 260
Pipe: 1520
Wall: 1682

That means a whole room has less than 7000 polygons.
In comparison a G3F model has about 140’000 polygons.

Scene & Subscenes

– 1 Complete room with camera
– 1 Barrel Subset (3 Barrel)
– 1 Barrel Subset (4 Barrel)
– 1 Pallet stacks (7 Pallet)
– 1 Pipe stacks (4 Pipe)


– 1 Barrel
– 1 Ceiling
– 1 Floor
– 1 Grid
– 1 Pallet
– 1 Pipe
– 1 Wall

Total 7 Props


– 4 Barrel Material Presets
– 4 Ceiling Material Presets
– 4 Floor Material Presets
– 4 Grid Material Presets
– 4 Pallet Material Presets
– 4 Pipe Material Presets
– 5 Wall Material Presets

Total 29 Material Presets


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