Jessy rams her cock several times in Delphi’s little pussy. While they hug and kiss Jessy splashes her first load of cum deep into her.

But Delphi moans so loud that the saleswoman heard the noise, even though Delphi and Jessy try to be quiet.

Delphi’s tight pussy can’t get enough and wants to be fucked from behind. Jessy is about to put her hard cock back in her, but she thinks about whether Delphi is already ready for anal…


Vol. 1

Delphi is a shy girl who has recently moved and is now living alone for the first time. She doesn’t know many people who live close to her home except Jessy. Jessy is a longtime girlfriend who is always there for her. she is a little wild and rather a kind of punk, she knows a lot of people and some dubious ones. But on the whole an honest charachter who likes to tell the truth to someone in the face.

Vol. 2

Delphi visits a fashion boutique with Jessy to buy new clothes for the summer. Of course, she models them for Jessy… which gets her cock more than a little hard. They gradually become smaller and thinner, it’s almost like she wanted to get that effect. Taking her into the dressing room, Jessy pulls some cloth aside to get inside Delphi. But Delphi moans so loudly that she attracts the attention of the shop owner.

Delphi Vol. 2 Comic Page 60-67 (Tier 2-4 Reward)

CG Galleries (Tier 1-4 Reward)

Delphi Vol. 1

Delphi Vol. 2

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