The first 9 pages of the comic are a recap of the story from Vol. 1. The 2nd comic will follow where they left off. Look forward to a few deep moments in the next few pages.


Vol. 1

Delphi is a shy girl who has recently moved and is now living alone for the first time. She doesn’t know many people who live close to her home except Jessy. Jessy is a longtime girlfriend who is always there for her. she is a little wild and rather a kind of punk, she knows a lot of people and some dubious ones. But on the whole an honest charachter who likes to tell the truth to someone in the face.

Vol. 2

Delphi visits a fashion boutique with Jessy to buy new clothes for the summer. Delphi wants to buy some bikinis. But Jessy rather likes what’s in the bikini.

Delphi Vol. 2 Comic Page 1-9 (Tier 2-4 Reward)

CG Galleries (Tier 1-4 Reward)

Delphi’s First 40cm (Vol.1)

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