This is the first release of my new Comic that I started to create about 2-3 weeks ago.

“Monica, a Teacher with Passion” has about 98-100 pages. I rendered about 50 pages and lettered about 12 pages with text. It will take a while to finish the whole comic but I will publish a few pages on Patreon from time to time.

I may try to alternate it with “Delphi Vol. 2 – Dressing Room Experience”, depending on whether I have already lettered enough pages of the “Monica, a Teacher with Passion” Comic.


Monica is a teacher and Jessy is one of her students. The students had to write an essay and Jessy’s essay was a little inappropriate, so Monica has to have a serious talk with Jessy. Jessy first thought that she would be thrown out of school, but Monica decides for another option.

Visual Novel Update:

I finished the first 2 chapters of the Visual Novel and had thought about releasing them. However, I found it almost too short for a first version as it was mainly just a prologue.

I’ve finished chapters 3 and 4 the last few days and am currently adding the sound effects and other small image effects.

I think the first version is about 95% ready, I’ll do some more checks but I’ll release this first version in the next 3-4 days.

The game currently has a size of 150 MB and has about 2500 words.

Monica Vol. 1 Comic Page 01-08 (Tier 2-4 Reward)

CG Galleries (Tier 1-4 Reward)

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