Kate’s in trouble with the law… And you get to see what will happen to her in this brand new story that links to the previous!

Does Kate have a plan to escape? Or is she willing to accept the consequences of her impure acts?

Hop in and find out!

One of the police officers in charge takes Kate in her custody. She has to investigate the events of the previous night, but Kate might prefer to show her instead…

Jessy’s a laid-back girl who’s always up for a good time. Usually in trouble with the law for this very reason, she likes to have fun no matter what.

Being arrested should not suppose a problem for someone like her!

Veronica’s police companion, she interrogates Jessy while her partner takes care of Kate. If she’s as thorough as Veronica, Jessy’s up for an intense questioning session.

The protagonist of the story, Kate’s been arrested for a series of lewd events that happened that very night. Under the jurisdiction of the law, Kate will have to endure an in-depth interrogation.

However, “in-depth” might adopt a different meaning…


  • ◇ An erotic story around 25k+ words long (from 2 to 3 hours of gameplay)

  • ◇ Many lewd scenes that will ignite your senses (and make you play with one hand)
  • ◇ Four steamy girls for you to meet (and bang)
  • ◇ 4k high-quality graphics
  • ◇ Over 300+ unique CGs
  • ◇ Detailed 3D backgrounds with multiple variations
  • ◇ Image gallery, music room, and replay scene functionality
  • ◇ Achievements, Easter eggs, and more!



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