This is my first comic completely rendered in 4K, I hope you like it.


Kate’s taking her new hoverbike for a spin. When she sees two women on the side of the road, she knows this night is going her way.

Story Writer:

For this comic I have 2 writers and they both write a story for the comic.
The comics will come in 2 versions, with both writers.

Comic Version 1

[D], the writer of Staying The Night 1&2 and Black Hole is back on board and has written a great new story for Neon Nights.

Comic Version 2

[MagisterRay] is the 2nd writer and he was recommended to me by a Patreon. I found his way of writing very interesting and hope you like the story as well.

Some features for this comic:

  • Comic bubbles are colored. (Optimized for all Color Blind types)
  • 4k Images (The comic is completely rendered in 4k!)
  • Colored sound effects
  • Character Sheet
  • Bulge action (Even more than usual!)
  • Threesome (2 Girls 1 Futa)
  • FX Effects
  • 3D Juice
  • More than 120 comic pages!

Planned extra features for this comic:

  • Some animations of individual scenes


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