I worked on another girl in march and made some pictures with her and Delphi together. I thought she was a good match for Delphi so the pictures are more of a lesbian nature.

To my surprise I liked the girl and I made a little more than 20 pictures. I thought I would show you the girl before I create a survey, because I had some ideas for a future story after “Staying The Night”.  This time I wanted to create something with 3 characters and came up with some story ideas.

01. Jessy & Sarah & Delphi // Futa X Futa X Girl:

This character combination would work well as a sequel to “Staying The Night”. Jessy could invite her girlfriend Delphi.

02. Jessy & Sarah & New Girl #05 // Futa X Futa X Girl:

An idea similar to the one above, except that maybe the new girl is Sarah’s girlfriend. Or a completely new idea, like a pizza girl who sees the 2 Dickgirls at the door and hopes for a little extra tip.

With option 01 & 02 I would change a few things in the room like the colour of the blankets and the pillows. Because of the white color the cum was hardly visible.

03. Jessy & Monica & Veronica // Futa X Girl X Girl:

This comic could be considered as “Monica Vol.2”, I had already written something about this story like Veronica the school director who catches both of them having sex in school.

Unfortunately Veronica would only appear in exactly this version, so that a connection between Jessy and Veronica would be formed. This way I can also include Sarah in the story later.

04. Jessy & Delphi & Girl #05 // Futa X Girl X Girl:

Girl #05 fits well with Delphi as her girlfriend, so I had the idea to let them make out a little bit and later Jessy would join them.

If option 2 or 4 is more popular, a survey will also come shortly after for her name. But I will announce this later so that you can send me suggestions for her name as well.

If you have any further story suggestions, you are welcome to write them in the comments or by private message to me, also Discord messages are welcome =)

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New Girl #05

#04 (Veronica)

#03 (Sarah)

New Girl #02

#01 (Jasmine)

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