Disaster strikes as you’re about to complete your most important mission as a captain, forcing your crew and you to adapt to the harsh environment of a forsaken planet. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?


OutMiner is a thrilling mixture of Visual Novel and Clicker Game in which you’ll have to gather resources to repair your downed ship and abandon a forgotten planet!

Along the way, you’ll meet (and fuck) an exciting cast of characters that’ll either help you or hamper your progress.

Choices matter, manage your time correctly, and do whatever it takes to soar across the stars once more!


You’re the captain of a ship in the middle of the most important delivery of your life. However, an unexpected failure forces your ship to crash into an uncharted planet where you’ll have to learn, adapt, and survive in order to escape alive.

Take control of your fate, fight against the odds, and get out of the unforgiving planet before it’s too late.

Your crew is counting on you… Do not let them down


  • ◇ Many lewd scenes that will ignite your senses (and make you play with one hand)
  • ◇ A whole cast of sensual girls for you to meet

  • ◇ Many hot girls that only thinking about having fun
  • ◇ Base Game + DLC total 255k+ words

  • ◇ 4k high-quality graphics
  • ◇ 170+ unique CGs with 58 fully animated erotic scenes

  • ◇ Detailed 3D backgrounds with multiple variations
  • ◇ Resource and time management

  • ◇ Image gallery, music room, and replay scene functionality
  • ◇ Achievements, Easter eggs, and more!



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