Delphi’s curiosity gets the best of her once more… And this time that makes her meddle with a naughty succubus!

Without knowing, she’ll become a summoner, bringing forces beyond anyone’s control to this world.

Will she be able to tame this lewd creature’s sexual drive? Or will it be the other way around?

Succubus Summon is a brand new eroge with multiple choices that affect the story, different endings, and high-quality 3D art that will cater to your kinks.
If you’re into Cum Inflation, Futanari Sex, and Dickgirls, this is the perfect game for you!

Always looking for an adventure that ultimately leads to sex, Delphi finds herself dealing with magical powers that want the same thing!
What happens to her will depend on how she handles the situation with the insatiable succubus she summons.

Thirsting for any kind of sexual release, Kate is brought to our world by Delphi’s accident, tying her to her summoner for as long as she remains on Earth.
Will she obey Delphi? Or will she prefer to bring her under her heels?

As an undercover police officer, the ruckus Delphi and Kate caused throughout the city drew her attention, forcing her to put their wild conduct to an end.
What will be stronger? Kate’s magic or the law?



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