Visual novel with characters created with YOUR help, my Patreons.

This week I will post some WIP pictures. You’ll be able to find them on my Website / Patreon / Twitter and Discord.

Any constructive criticism and feedback would be appreciated.


Visual novel with a world map where you can select where to go. Click on characters to trigger events. Each character will have their own individual route.

Over Patreon/Discord you can vote which character gets a new event and extends their route.

Map Locations

Train station: The train station connects other map parts later.
Bar/Club: The bar is still under construction. Some WIP pictures will available soon.
Hotel: Here you can bring people and have fun.
Shop: Used to buy modules, clothes and upgrades.
Bank: N/A Later on you should be able to close investments that allow a permanent daily income.
Hospital: N/A
Home: Here you can skip days or place certain orders online via your computer.


There will be shops where you can buy modules. These modules can improve your body. Some routes will requite certain modifications.

You can also buy everyday items, such as clothes.


There will be several stats for the main character.

Strength: The MC can train to become stronger. So that he can address certain characters who have that as a prerequisite.
Hacking: Used to unlock options for specific characters. Used to go on missions with them, for example unlocking new modules or giving credits.

There will be 1-2 more stats to come if I have use for it.


The game will have the currency “Credit” which can be transferred via a chip in the body. No physical money planned.


MC: The name of the main character can be chosen at the beginning of the game.
Girls: The female characters that appear in the game are determined by Patreon/Discord. Also, which character gets a new event.
Males: Other men should be sparse, such as guards.

The women each get a character description and several pictures. So that you have an idea, if you vote for the respective model.

Bonus stuff

Bonus stuff is inserted in the game where it fits. They are also mentioned in the log, so you know where to look.


It is the year 3099, people have traveled to other planets and have formed alliances with other races.
The technology has darkened our beautiful blue earth and only the super-rich can afford to leave. Other Aliens that traveled to Earth are now stuck aswell.

Due to the darkening it is almost always evening / night in the city. The super-rich exploit everyone on earth and live in luxury skyscrapers. So high that they break through the dark layer and see the blue sky as well as the sun.


The first version of the game will be available only on Patreon. So that I can fix bugs or make improvements through the feedback.

As soon as a stable version is available, i will release a demo to the public.

The first event will have about 200 pictures and 1000-2000 words.


I have two types of updates planned.

Bugfix updates:
They are there to fix game breaking bugs. They also fix spelling mistakes.

Event Updates:
Every time an event is complete, it is released as an update. This means that with each update there is a new story or expansion for a character to explore.

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