In this picture set are 121 HD images in PNG format. All the picture sets you see here were created between 05.2019 and 12.2019 for Patreon.


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CrazySky3D – Gallery #1 offers a bunch of previously exclusive Patreon releases for their supporters. More than half of the Gallery includes Delphi, who’s rather good at ahegao, and some delicious dickgirl fucking.

Yoga Session in particular hits some nice… buttons… for me, and is the sort of work I’d love to enjoy more of. Hint hint!

One Bar Prison and Tempted by the Devil give some more tasty fucking (dickgirl and otherwise), with ecstatic results. The rest is solo sets with masturbation, and get more intimate with that subject than I’m used to seeing in 3DX. Yum!

The 8 sets included in CrazySky3D – Gallery #1 add up to over 120 HD images, and were all made in the ~latter half of 2019.

– Anael (Affect3D) – Original Blog Post

Product Information

  • Delphi by the pool – 14 HD PNG images
  • Delphi Dripping – 6 HD PNG images
  • Delphi Relaxing – 9 HD PNG images
  • Delphi’s Silver Toy – 21 HD PNG images
  • Monica Office Time – 15 HD PNG images
  • One Bar Prison – 9 HD PNG images
  • Tempted by the Devil – 28 HD PNG images
  • Yoga Session – 19 HD PNG images
  • Total 121 HD PNG images


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