In this picture set are 114 HD images in PNG format. All the picture sets you see here were created between 12.2019 and 05.2020 for Patreon.


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From glory holes to fairy tales and one hell of a threesome, CrazySky really lets us in on a treat. Furthermore, they’ve graced us with a bunch of introductions. Indeed, meet Jasmine, a short-haired blonde with a cute smile and great ass. Or maybe you prefer a got redhead called Ruby? Perhaps a blonde dickgirl is more your style? Well, Sarah is the one for you then! And of course there’s the busty brunette milf, Veronica! And last but not least, the naughty Violet has a little fun with a friend.

– Franaus (Affect3D) – Original Blog Post

Product Information

  • Introducing Jasmine – 11 HD PNG images
  • Introducing Ruby – 15 HD PNG images
  • Introducing Sarah – 12 HD PNG images
  • Introducing Veronica – 32 HD PNG images
  • Introducing Violet – 22 HD PNG images
  • X-Rated Fairy Tale Contest – 3 HD PNG images
  • December Holiday Contest – 7 HD PNG images
  • Glory Hole Contest – 12 HD PNG images

Total 114 HD PNG images


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