I am happy to inform you that my comic is now officially accepted. I had to wait a while and made several text changes, but finally it was waved through!


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Monica is one hell of a teacher. Yep, she’s devoted, smart, and oh… she has massive tits and an ass to match. And today, she’s got her eyes on one student in particular – Jessy. Indeed, this minx of a teacher just knows there’s something special about that girl. What’s more, her latest essay is daring, to say the least! Jessy used her homework to describe just what she wants to do to her busty teacher. And little does she know, Monica has every intention of acting out her depraved scenario.

Monica starts by holding Jessy back after class. The brunette locks the door and head over to the desk. Here, reading from the aforementioned essay and acting it out, she spreads her thighs to reveal she’s wearing absolutely nothing under her skimpy miniskirt. Jessy can’t believe her luck.

The teacher makes her student kneel in front of her and go down on her. As she pulls Jessy onto her soaking pussy lips, Jessy feels absolutely no regret at having written such a daring essay. The slutty teachers clenches Jessy in close and soon cums on her student’s mouth, squirting down her throat.

The pair then stand back up and Monica caresses her student’s massive cock, already bursting from her pants. She then turns around, leaning on her desk, offers her tight ass. Naturally, the delighted dickgirl student obliges her. She pushes inside her teacher, going as deep as she can. Then, her cock throbbing inside that perfect tight ass, she starts fucking Monica.

The teacher cums over and over before Jessy fills her up with her semen. Finally, her ass and belly filled with cum, Monica lets her young lover pull out, but on the condition she replaces that massive cock with… a buttplug! Wouldn’t want to waste any of that cum, of course.

Being a good teacher, who knows when to reward excellent work, she gets on her knees and cleans off Jessy’s dripping cock with her mouth. The unlikely couple kiss, with the promise of more detentions to cum.

– Franaus (Affect3D) – Original Blog Post

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