What’s better than hot babes in bikinis? Hot dickgirl babes in bikinis, obviously. CrazySky3D’s Poolside Fun gives exactly that with Delphi and her dickgirl girlfriend Jessy. They certainly know how to make a gal jealous. – even if Jessy is in a see-through one piece instead of a bikini.

When Jessy arrives and gets a full eyeful of Delphi’s delicious body in that skimpy bikini, she can’t help but get horny. Swollen and eager, she gets her cock between Delphi’s tits for a slick use of them and her mouth. Hot.

Even after pumping a thick load of cum down Delphi’s throat, though, she wants more. She needs more – and Delphi’s tight pussy can hardly wait.

Gosh, what a sexy set.

After giving Delphi as deep a creampie as she can, she still wants more of her girlfriend – and accidentally slides her cum-slick cock into Delphi’s asshole. I’m not quite sure how she didn’t realize the difference, but Delphi enjoys getting her ass fucked too much to complain!

You can get Poolside Fun, a 82-count image set in versions with and without text, along with 25 BONUS images. Nice!

– Anael (Affect3D) – Original Blog Post

Product Information

  • 82 high-quality images in JPG format [Comic Version]
  • 82 high-quality images in JPG format [Textless Version]
  • 25 high-quality images in JPG format [Bonus Images]


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