Dawnbreaker – Aeon’s Reach is an erotic visual novel that puts you in the heels of a jaded bounty hunter looking for fun, causing her to embark on a very hot cosmic adventure with a bunch of outlaws. Will you be able to find what you desire in this universe

  • OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
  • Language: English
  • File Size PC: 636 MB
  • File Size Android: 173 MB


  • New Characters: Layla, Rexanne, Haley
  • Sprites: 55 (Total: 98)
  • CG: 15 (Total: 24)
  • Word Count: 2000 (Total: 3900)
  • First Release
  • Characters: Adalyn, Bar-Bot(AI)
  • Sprites: 43
  • CG: 9
  • Word Count: 1900


How often will you update the game?
The goal is to release a chapter every ~2 weeks, with about 2-3k words per chapter. It may vary slightly depending on how big the chapter ends up being.




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