Neon Nights comes to an end… for now =)

It’s been a long adventure and my biggest project I’ve done so far, and I hope you had fun with the comic.

I would like to thank all the Patreons who have supported me over the time. I would also like to thank all the fans who followed me.

I would also like to thank D. and MagisterRay for the great stories they wrote for Neon Nights.

Neon Nights Game:

All Patreon supporters of March 2021 will receive a Steam Key as a thank you.

The game will be officially available on Steam on April 2nd, 2021.

Here is the Steam Store Page, please wishlist the game if you are interested =)


Lately, Kate has been a little restless. The glowing lights of  Metropolis 12 simply don’t hold the luster they once did in her  precocious youth. Now, the only things that give her joy are intimacy,  and hoverbike racing. And since the intimacy has been sparse lately,  she’s taken to speeding her bike through the dark alleys of the city at  night, trying to outpace her life. This night, however, might be a little different…

Story Writer

For this comic I have 2 writers and they both write a story for the comic.
The comics will come in 2 versions, with both writers.

Comic Version 1

[D], the writer of Staying The Night 1&2 is back on board and has written a great new story for Neon Nights.

Comic Version 2

[MagisterRay] is the 2nd writer and he was recommended to me by a Patreon. I found his way of writing very interesting and hope you like the story as well.


  • Comic bubbles are colored. (Optimized for all Color Blind types)
  • 4k Images (The comic is completely rendered in 4k!)
  • Larger text (Text size is now mobilephone friendly)
  • Colored sound effects
  • Character Sheet
  • Bulge action (Even more than usual!)
  • Threesome (2 Girls 1 Futa)
  • FX Effects
  • 3D Juice
  • More than 180 comic pages!



Available on Patreon

Neon Nights is coming to Steam

Release date: April 2nd

Please wishlist my game on Steam!

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