You can now play Neon Nights in Chinese (Simplified)!
I’m happy to announce that Neon Nights now features dialogue subtitles and menu texts in Chinese (simplified).

You now can toggle the language to Chinese (Simplified) via “Settings” ingame.

Have a great time playing Neon Nights!




Lately, Kate has been a little restless. The glowing lights of  Metropolis 12 simply don’t hold the luster they once did in her  precocious youth. Now, the only things that give her joy are intimacy,  and hoverbike racing. And since the intimacy has been sparse lately,  she’s taken to speeding her bike through the dark alleys of the city at  night, trying to outpace her life. This night, however, might be a little different…

最近,凯特有点烦躁。 都会12 的灯光根本没有她早熟时的光彩。 现在,唯一能给她带来快乐的是亲密关系和气垫自行车比赛。 由于最近亲密关系稀少,她开始在晚上骑自行车穿过城市的黑暗小巷,试图超越她的生活。

Tall, gorgeous, deeply sexual; you’d think she’d have no trouble getting  laid, but there’s just something about her that sends men (and most  women) running the other way. Not tonight though… Tonight she’s going to  find the perfect pair to handle her. Or, more accurately, she will  handle them. Thoroughly.

高大、华丽、性感; 你会认为她在上床时不会遇到麻烦,但她身上有一些东西让男人(和大多数女人)反其道而行之。 不过今晚不行……今晚她会找到完美的一对来对付她。 或者,更准确地说,她会处理它们。 彻底

A precocious little woman with a smile always on her lips, and a love of  internal body augmentation – augmentation she puts to very good use.  But can those expensive upgrades handle what Kate is going to give her?

一个早熟的小女人,嘴角总是挂着微笑,她对内体增强术的热爱发挥了很好的作用。 但这些昂贵的升级能否处理凯特要给她的东西?

Violet’s best friend, and night-time partner. Unlike V, she’s kept  herself all-natural and un-augmented – she swears there’s just something  better about an all-natural body when it comes to their line of work.  Secretly though, she’s worried clients prefer the luxury services Violet  offers, so she always works double-hard to prove herself.

薇尔莉特最好的朋友,夜间搭档。 与 V 不同的是,她让自己保持全天然且未增强,她发誓说,在他们的工作领域,全天然的身体会更好。 暗地里,她担心客户更喜欢 紫罗兰提供的豪华服务,所以她总是加倍努力来证明自己。


  • Kinetic Visual Novel.
  • Two complete standalone stories.
  • Over 10,000 words of story.
  • Over 200 CG artworks in 4k format.
  • Five background music tracks for you to choose from, select your favorite music.
  • Multiple achievements for each story.
  • 动力学视觉小说。
  • 两个完整的独立故事。
  • 超过 10,000 字的故事。
  • 包含约 200 幅 4K 格式的 CG 艺术作品。
  • 五个背景音乐曲目供您选择,选择您喜欢的音乐。
  • 每个故事的多个成就。


Available on Steam

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