1st Girl:
This is the first girl of three I’ve created. I have already chosen a name for this girl which I wanted to give her. But I did a poll because I gave the name two variants.
I also added a 5th option, if everyone didn’t like the name I would look for a new name.

2nd Girl:
The 2nd girl will come tomorrow, with the 2nd girl I will leave the choice of the name to you. As soon as the girl is online you can send me name suggestions via comments or via discord. If I have enough names, I will start a poll.

3th Girl:
The 3rd girl comes in 3-4 days, because I want to publish some pages of the “Poolside Fun” comic first.

On Patreon you can find 11 other pictures of her =)


New Girl #01 – 11 Images (Tier 2-5 Reward)

Twitter Poll (Public)

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