Finally I can show you the 3rd girl. I think some of you already know her from the “Delphi Vol. 2” comic. It is the saleswoman who has a small scene at the end.

She didn’t have any name yet, but I had started a poll in Discord a while ago. (nsfw-wip-stuff channel)

The result of that time was this:

  • Lena – 1 Vote
  • Sarah – 6 Votes
  • Katie – 4 Votes
  • Mia – 4 Votes
  • Veronica – 1 Vote

The name Sarah was very popular in the poll and I wanted to take it. But I thought I’d still do a poll on Patreon to see what name you’d give and if I’d adjust it.

On Patreon you can find 12 other pictures of her =)


New Girl #03

New Girl #02

New Girl #01

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