We did it!

The first chapter of “Staying The Night” is now officially finished. I hope you had a lot of fun reading it and I hope you liked the pictures and the story.

Comic Description:

Jessy got caught messing around in the dressing room of Sarah’s boutique. But instead of kicking them out, she invited Jessy to stay the night at her place. Jessy felt like she’d be in control. She’s bold, fit, beautiful… and very well hung. But Sarah has a bigger surprise for Jessy! Sarah knows what she wants and she will dominate her new plaything to get it. The tables have definitely turned!

Story Writer:

I brought in D, an American smut writer, who worked with me and wrote a exciting and amusing script for this entry.

Some new features for this comic: 

  • Comic bubbles now have colors so it’s easier to tell them apart.
  • The cover is still temporary until I have decided on a picture.
  • I added sound effects to the comic for the first time.

Public Release Date

I would like to announce the release date of “Staying The Night“. It will be available starting 21. May 2020 on Affect3D and Gumroad.

And for the very first time there will be a complete German translation of the comic, also available on Affect3D and Gumroad.
Und zum aller ersten mal wird es eine Komplett deutsche Übersetzung des Comics geben, ebenfalls erhältlich auf Affect3D und Gumroad.

If you want more information about it, you can click here.


All information on how to pre-order the comic can be found here. The comic will be published on May 21st. 2020.
Alle Informationen wie du den Comic Vorbestellen kannst findest du hier. Der Comic wird am 21. May 2020 versendet.



Staying The Night (Tier 2-5 Reward)

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