I will not write any spoilers of the story in the following text. I will also keep the titles neutral and leave out the future titles completely. The only spoiler mentioned in the text is when the first erotic scene appears. At the end of the article there is a link for some pictures of the models that will play a major role.


In the last 2-3 weeks I have rendered about 150 pictures for the upcoming Visual Novel.

The Visual Novel currently has about 10’000 words, without the “moaning” or other “sound effects”. I have divided the Visual Novel into 10 parts. The parts from 04-10 are relatively long and I might split them up if I think it’s necessary.

The first 3 parts are finished and the 4th part is about 50% finished.

The Story Parts

  • 01: Prologue
  • 02: Start
  • 03: Unknown
  • 04: First Erotic Part
  • 05: Unknown
  • 06: Unknown
  • 07: Unknown
  • 08: Unknown
  • 09: Unknown
  • 10: Unknown

I kept the headlines as neutral as possible and only hinted at it when it would be interesting.

  • 01-03 is completely rendered
  • 04 is 50% finished rendering
  • 05-10 are not rendered yet

The text for the story is completely written for the first 10 parts, but it is possible that I will make some changes.

Future Work

The following work will be processed in the next few days.

  • 01. the pictures of part 04 will be finished.
  • 02. the pictures from part 01-04 will be added to the Visual Novel.
  • 03. the story will be inserted into the Visual Novel.
  • 04. The menu for the game will be created.


I will probably release the first 2 parts first and a few days later the other 2 parts. After all 4 parts are finished, it will take a while until the 5th part comes, because I still have to create and render them.

Part 4-10 will be bigger than the first 3 parts because they contain more story.

I will try to put a working first version online in the next few days. Since I’m not sure how well the scripting will work, I won’t set an exact date.

When I have finished about 80%, I will create a new post with an approximate date.


There are 3 main characters that will appear the most. From the 3 models I created 3 renderings so you can get a first impression.

I didn’t take any pictures of the sidecharterers.

I gave the female models 2 different personalities and shaped their bodies accordingly.

Since I wanted the male model to be as neutral as possible, I didn’t give him any special characteristics. I kept his body slim and sporty.

Here you can find the pictures for the first main models: MEGA.NZ

Future Characters

More female models will be added in the future.

I’ve already created some of the models and dressed them in different clothes to get a first impression of what might fit.

All future models will be discussed before they are added to the game. So that I can make some changes about the clothes, body color and body shape.


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